The Centre is home to a number of resources that enable research in the field of genetic epidemiology.

The biobanking facility, the WA DNA Bank, and the open source research support software, The Ark, are two such resources.

The Western Australian DNA Bank

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The WADB is a national processing and long-term secure storage facility for biospecimens (including DNA, RNA, serum and plasma) that have been collected from participants of medical research projects.

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The Ark

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Data is the primary asset of biomedical researchers, and the engine for both discovery and translational medical research. As the volume and sensitivity of research data increases, for example due to new technologies such as ‘next-generation’ sequencing of human specimens linked to clinical datasets, so too does the requirement for access to application software for integrating and interrogating the different types of research data. Researchers often need to execute complicated queries and conduct analyses across multiple data types, such as phenotypic, genotypic, pedigree and biospecimen data.

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