JLIN (Java LINkage disequilibrium plotter) is designed for customisable, intuitive visualisation of LD analysis across all common computing platforms.


JLIN User Manual [PDF, 436.6 KB]
Updated 25 Oct 2013


Customisation allows researchers to choose particular visualisation, statistical measures and measurement ranges. JLIN also allows researchers to export images of the LD visualisation in several common document formats.

As there appears to be no single best measure of LD under all possible circumstances, JLIN allows the researcher to visually compare and contrast the results of a range of statistical measures on the input data set(s). These measures include the commonly used D1 and R2 statistics and empirical p-values.

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If you find this tool useful, or use any graphics produced in publications, please refer to:

Carter KW, McCaskie PA, Palmer LJ. JLIN: A Java based Linkage Disequilibrium plotter. BMC Bioinformatics 2006;7(1):60.

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