If you are using the WADB to store DNA from a human medical research study you may access your own DNA collection at any time including ongoing regular access, within the logistical capabilities of the WADB. The WADB has developed a 'Custodian Access Form' that ensures the release of DNA samples is authorised by the appropriate Custodian. This form is available here.

If you are a medical researcher who is not currently using the facility but wish to obtain DNA samples stored in the WADB you will need to fill out an 'External Researcher DNA Access Request Form" (available here). The WADB cannot guarantee access to the DNA samples stored in the facility as this requires the approval of the study Custodian themselves. You are strongly advised to make contact with the study Custodian to discuss your interest in obtaining access to their DNA collection for medical research purposes. The WADB can facilitate the process but cannot release the DNA without the Custodian's authorisation. Furthermore, even if the Custodian agrees in principle to collaborate or share the DNA for research purposes you must obtain human research ethics approval to undertake the study prior to obtaining the DNA. Further details can be found in the WADB Access Policy (available here) or contact the Manager of the WADB to discuss.