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Peer reviewed papers

  • Carter KW, McCaskie PA, Palmer LJ. 2006. JLIN: a java based linkage disequilibrium plotter. BMC Bioinformatics 7:60. [NCBI PubMed Entry]
  • Willwerth BM, Schaub B, Tantisira KG, Gold DR, Palmer LJ, Litonjua AA, Perkins DL, Schroeter C, Gibbons FK, Gillman MW, Weiss ST, Finn PW. 2006. Prenatal, perinatal, and heritable influences on cord blood immune responses. Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology 96(3):445-53. [NCBI PubMed Entry]
  • Kim SH, Oh JM, Kim YS, Palmer LJ, Suh CH, Nahm DH, Park HS. 2006. Cysteinyl leukotriene receptor 1 promoter polymorphism is associated with aspirin-intolerant asthma in males. Clinical and Experimental Allergy 36(4):433-9. [NCBI PubMed Entry]
  • Gold DR, Willwerth BM, Tantisira KG, Finn PW, Schaub B, Perkins DL, Tzianabos A, Ly NP, Schroeter C, Gibbons F, Campos H, Oken E, Gillman MW, Palmer LJ, Ryan LM, Weiss ST. 2006. Associations of cord blood fatty acids with lymphocyte proliferation, IL-13, and IFN-gamma. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 117(4):931-8. [NCBI PubMed Entry]
  • Schaeffer L, Gohlke H, Muller M, Heid IM, Palmer LJ, Kompauer I, Demmelmair H, Illig T, Koletzko B, Heinrich J. 2006. Common genetic variants of the FADS1 FADS2 gene cluster and their reconstructed haplotypes are associated with the fatty acid composition in phospholipids. Human Molecular Genetics 15(11):1745-56. [NCBI PubMed Entry]
  • Hui J, Palmer LJ, James AL, Musk AW, Beilby JP. 2006. AluyMICB dimorphism within the class I region of the major histocompatibility complex is associated with asthma and airflow obstruction in the Busselton population. Clinical and Experimental Allergy 36(6):728-34. [NCBI PubMed Entry]
  • McCaskie PA, Cadby G, Hung J, McQuillan BM, Chapman CM, Carter KW, Thompson PL, Palmer LJ, Beilby JP. 2006. The C-480T hepatic lipase polymorphism is associated with HDL-C but not with risk of coronary heart disease. Clinical Genetics 70(2):114-21. [NCBI PubMed Entry]
  • Lee JD, Palmer LJ. 2006. The Western Australian Twin Register: a population-based register of adult and child multiples. Twin Research and Human Genetics 9(6):712-7. [NCBI PubMed Entry]
  • Meuleners LB, Harding A, Lee AH, Legge M. 2006. Fragility and crash over-representation among older drivers in Western Australia. Accident Analysis and Prevention 38(5):1006-10. [NCBI PubMed Entry]
  • Meuleners LB, Lee AH, Cercarelli LR, Legge M. 2006. Estimating crashes involving heavy vehicles in Western Australia, 1999-2000: a capture-recapture method. Accident Analysis and Prevention 38(1):170-4.

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Invited editorial / commentary

  • Smith GD, Gwinn M, Ebrahim S, Palmer LJ, Khoury MJ. 2006. Make it HuGE: human genome epidemiology reviews, population health, and the IJE. International Journal of Epidemiology 35(3):507-10

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